Happy 18th Birthday

I had a very busy week last week with my daughter turning 18 and a family party to organise for her. She didn't want a big party so it was just immediate family and my best friend, who I consider to be family as well. I made 2 huge woks of fried rice, mexican mince and cauliflower cheese. Mum made apricot chicken and we also had garlic bread. For dessert we had mud cake, toblerone cheesecake and a cream sponge cake.
I made her a card in a box, with 18 hand cut paper candles and paper from birthday basics and Cycle Celebrations stamp set. I gave her money for her trip to Paris in January and wrapped up a box with Monopoly money in it (her real money went straight into her bank account. I was very fortunate that I had arranged Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday as annual leave so had plenty of time to get organised.

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